How Set Up Printing On Sony Xperia Z2

To be able to print with the Sony Xperia Z2 first, we will discuss how to select your printer. Then how to use the PrinterShare app and how it can help to use Wifi printing, and the last with the best solution to use Google Cloud Print.

Print directly from the document from Sony Xperia Z2

Print by using the document from Sony Xperia Z2, the first step you are going to the document and select that you want to print. Then simply click on the button updating 3 points which is the upper right corner of the screen, then click on the print option and click the down arrow, which is next to the Save button in PDF format, and then select the printer. If it cannot find the printer in question, to do with clicking on all printers. If it goes well, you can make an impression through a circle of blue

How to use PrinterShare app on Sony Xperia Z2
How to choose a printer manually on your Sony Xperia Z2 with via PrinterShare app. Following in his footsteps:
Do with the download and install the PrinterSh…

How To Use Multi Window On Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung now comes with features that are not inferior to other smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S8 is now already can open two applications simultaneously with multi window mode. Also, more space to be able to display two Windows. If you want to use Windows, you simply by pressing the button Recents.
How To Enable Multi Window Mode
The most effective way to be able to sign in to a multiple-window mode simply by pressing a button and hold it out at length in the use of the application. before you do that you must change the mode settings:

Open the Main Menu.Then access advanced features.Conduct Multi tap on the window.Enable multi-mode transfer window, use the day button.Press the button using the Recents.Then select display using multiple Windows.

Do with a separate screen select view automatically and adjust the size of the application is the top of the screen, you can also select an application to garden on the screen Samsung Galaxy S8. Then press the new button and select the application …

How To Make A Screenshot On Xiaomi Mi 6

Feature on Xiaomi Mi 6 has features that are not inferior to the premium smartphone. features on Xiaomi Mi 6 features screenshots, features not only use this feature but buttons also use the toggle. Make a screenshot can be very comfortable and easy to keep a city map and send in a picture format, we will learn how to take a screenshot with through system manufacturer.

Make a screenshot using the original method of Android

Version 4.0 be installed on Android Xiaomi Mi 6, to make a screenshot is quite simple. By setting the volume button down. Make sure by pressing the two buttons together not to enable one. You may find it hard at the beginning doth Xiaomi Mi 6 screenshot on you, but if you've been accustomed to do it will be very easy. Once you have done by pressing both buttons simultaneously, you will see a short scene of the Android system confirming that You do screenshots

Make screenshots with the system manufacturer

This method is typically not available at Xiaomi Mi 6, depen…

How To Fix A Black Screen Xiaomi Mi 6

Certainly, you feel bored if Xiaomi Mi 6 you suffered damage on the screen becomes black. At the time you make a phone call, the screen suddenly Xiaomi Mi 6 black. This incident occurred on many smartphone users. Maybe you don't know how to handle it, you don't need to worry, we'll explain in detail the simple way to restore black screen on Xiaomi Mi 6 you. How to fix a black screen with no loss of data. At the moment the screen to black by pressing the power button or the volume keys are usually not able to revive the display light LCD.

How to fix black screen Xiaomi Mi 6 with reboot

Black screen on Xiaomi Mi 6 or could not in turn. The first step, to do with charging You about 30 minutes. After sufficient charging then tries to turn it back on. If the process works with a maximum, then you are no longer a worry, because Xiaomi Mi 6 you are not damaged. You can use it again as usual.

Remove the battery from a 6 Mi Xiaomi

Before you remove the battery on Xiaomi Mi 6, done by…

How To Install Applications On Xiaomi Mi 6

If you need to install the application on Xiaomi Mi 6, then you should first download the application and install it on your Xiaomi Mi 6. Maybe you've tried downloading various applications and does not fit on your phone. First, we will look at techniques common to be able to install applications on Xiaomi Mi 6 and we will find application APK and how to install it.

An application can create a backup on Xiaomi Mi 6, How to download and install the application between an application that each other is the same way. You need to consider when you will download the application, you need to go to Google Play Store. There you will find the many different types of applications or games. In the Play Store, there are many types of applications that can be downloaded for free and there is also a need to pay. So you can download the appropriate application for you. For this already exists on Play Store Xiaomi Mi 6 you. So you can just open the app PlayStore without having to download it.

How …

How To Enable And To Use The GPS On Xiaomi Mi 6

In addition to directions, you can use it to search for a location or can know the existence of others. GPS is an important means. Android is with complete reliable GPS features of the made in China
is Xiaomi. For those of you who have never activate the GPS settings on Xiaomi Mi 6 classified as difficult. But you don't have to worry, we'll explain in detail. Follow the steps below.

Enable GPS Xiaomi Mi 6?

Before you start to use the GPS, you should first install the application Google Maps, you can search in advance for Xiaomi Mi 6. If it does not exist on your cell phone, your first step should be to go to Google Play Store after that type in 'Google Maps' on Google and install. Once you've found the application then installed on Xiaomi 6 Mi, then go to 'settings' after that you go to 'private'. Then you will see the button location or the location of the click to be able to enable location on Xiaomi Mi 6 you. Activate the mode of 'high precisi…

How To Enable And Use The GPS On Sony Xperia XZ Premium

The many benefits of GPS navigation systems for communities all over the world. With a GPS we can avoid getting lost. GPS in the car very fast growing, so we can find out the location of the missing cars by way of viewing point coordinates are already resulting from the tool is installed in the vehicle. The development and performance of the smartphone, making to integrate GPS functionality. We will discuss how to enable GPS and how to use GPS on the Sony Xperia XZ premium.

How to enable GPS

Before you use the GPS, you need to do should that installing the application Google Maps on the premium Sony Xperia XZ. You can find it on your phone and if not there is a Google Maps application. You can go to Google then type in Store Play with the keyword 'Google Maps' after that you install it. After the installation is complete when you open the application, and then you go to 'settings' then go 'private'. From the personal menu, you will see a button 'location'…