How Set Up Printing On Sony Xperia Z2

To be able to print with the Sony Xperia Z2 first, we will discuss how to select your printer. Then how to use the PrinterShare app and how it can help to use Wifi printing, and the last with the best solution to use Google Cloud Print.

Print directly from the document from Sony Xperia Z2

Print by using the document from Sony Xperia Z2, the first step you are going to the document and select that you want to print. Then simply click on the button updating 3 points which is the upper right corner of the screen, then click on the print option and click the down arrow, which is next to the Save button in PDF format, and then select the printer. If it cannot find the printer in question, to do with clicking on all printers. If it goes well, you can make an impression through a circle of blue

How to use PrinterShare app on Sony Xperia Z2

How to choose a printer manually on your Sony Xperia Z2 with via PrinterShare app. Following in his footsteps:
  • Do with the download and install the PrinterShare app.
  • Restart your Z2 Sony Xperia
  • PrinterShare app-open
  • Click the near Wi-Fi printer
  • Then select the printer detected
  • Click on the manually

Using Wifi to print on a Sony Xperia Z2

Compact photo printers can share design and is very convenient to be able to use Sony Xperia Z2. And adapt easily to search or to edit photos. The editing options are somewhat advanced, so you can plant for photos, remove red-eye, and can customize the settings in the color. Compact photo printers are already there are USB. Selin, it can print 600 dpi on a 2 × 3 paper. Already supporting Android, IOS, Windows 8, installed on Sony Xperia Z2, as the photo pockets, using the thermal Zink paper with containing chemicals in the paper without the use of ink.

Use compact printer in Sony Xperia Z2

A compact photo printer is inkjet printers standalone can produce a 4 × 6 or 2 × 3 inch prints from Sony Xperia Z2. Can work without using the computer as a portable photo printer.

Use Google Cloud Print by Sony Xperia Z2

Google Cloud Print is a Google service that can be used to be able to print from the application of cloud-print-compatible. This is the reason why the printer is connected to the Google Cloud and Google didn't create the print subsystem. You no longer need to install device drivers. You must forward the documents to Google. You can print from Windows applications.
Google Cloud Print 2.0, unlike previous versions of the 2.0 version of the Print, the Cloud no longer requires printing printer is connected to the Internet. Local mode is already using technology DNS and Multicast DNS-SD. HTTPS technology is used to print to the printer. If Sony Xperia Z2 you already support this mode, simply a list of printers that are already available in the subnet.

Integrate with Google products cloud printer

Google Cloud print is already integrated with the mobile version of Gmail, Google Docs can print from mobile devices. Google Cloud Print is already listed as a printer in print Google Web browser, Google Chrome. Cloud Print printer's non-support built-in powered cloud print connectors.

Google Cloud Print privacy problem in Sony Xperia Z2

Documents printed with through Google Cloud print on your Sony Xperia Z2 is sent to Google's servers subsequently forwarded to the printer. Google also store any documents that had already been shipped, as long as the print is active and has not been completed. If the work is finished, the document is automatically removed from the server. The documents shipped to print personal information. Google will not save documents in print for other purposes.


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